Community page launch.

We launched the community page 🥳 Why do we need it and what are our plans for it?


To make decisions together. To share our thoughts on what’s going on and get feedback. To make it easier to access how-to-be-involved information. Community is our driving force - it should have a dedicated page!


Right now the page contains only the most basic information, though it already allows you to easily submit your ideas or upvote some tasks you want us to focus on. And it’s only the beginning.


There aren’t any specific plans. We can add some discussions in the form of a forum or posts feed. We can add a place, where real-estate related spokesmen will answer daily questions from our users. Probably we’ll be able to integrate the community page deeper into the project itself. There are a lot of ideas, we’ll see how it goes.

So if you wanted to influence what we do here - we would be more than happy. From our side, we’ll do our best to make it more comfortable for everyone. For now that’s it, see ya.

Last changes: April 10, 2022