Measureland Advisory. How to find and get support.

How to contact us.

If you want to tell us a story, submit a suggestion, share a bug or ask a question there are a few ways to do it:

You can also ask other members of the community in our Telegram and Discord chats.

But before you do, please check the section just below.

Bugs and errors.

  • “Too many attempts” and “You rate too often” - how to resolve.

  • “Nearby place is already rated by you” - happens when you try to rate the place within a short distance from one already measured by you.

  • I can’t register because I don’t get verification email or the service is unavailable/slow - Measureland is in an early growth stage right now, which means we don’t expect everything to work perfectly and stable. Some third-party providers (DigitalOcean, MailGun, etc.) are not configured for handling a lot of people, but we’re working on it. Don’t forget that all the work is mostly done by a single guy at this stage.

  • Something specific isn’t working, like map is not moving or zooming, register popup is not opening and so on - to be extremely useful your report should include key points like:

    • your browser and OS (example: “Firefox, Windows laptop”);
    • description of the problem (example: “Can’t open register popup”);
    • if the problem persists (after reload), what are the steps to reproduce it - ideally with screenshots or video (example: “click on the login button → nothing happens”)


  • Why should I rate something? - well, the current state of search for accommodation doesn’t fit the 21st century. We’re giving it a bit of a push to evolve into something more contemporary. Your honest rating will be: 1) a potential contribution to your own time and mental health - and in the end - to your happiness (you’ll be able to pick the neighborhood based on what’s important for you); 2) an endowment into the future. Measureland’s growth will eventually make some real estate related professions adapt and then evolve, progress.

    Animated image. Applying filters uncovers parts of the city with bad water quality.
    User ratings with filters show pretty accurate water quality distribution in Minsk.

    There are other reasons, like detecting problem areas within the city (with bad water and air quality) or “honesting” of real estate prices - but it’s going to be a topic for a separate article in the future.

  • How do you plan to handle real estate workers trying to abuse your service? - we plan to separate profit oriented users (like agencies) from other Measuremen with a different reputation system. With the growth of our service agencies will be more interested in their record here rather than in pursuing one-time deal. User trust will lead them to making more money. Thus, we will turn chase for money into what’s the best for our users. And I remind you that not everyone puts money over honesty. There are also checks and other anti-spoil mechanics.

  • Why do you think Google/Airbnb didn’t create it yet? It means it’s not needed. - no it doesn’t. Big business pursues big money. They pick an area, create a business plan, estimate profit and only then decide if they want to create (or “adapt”) ideas. Measureland started as an idea. It’s hard for business to sell people’s opinion, because it’s hardly provable. Companies will have hard times selling something unprovable - they are going to be responsible for it. We in Measureland sell nothing. We’re building a service to help people and asking nothing in return.

  • How is Measureland protected from spam and abuse? - we have a few levels of protection, including different limitations, server-side hardware detections, manual moderation, reputation system and possibility to report not plausible ratings. We are still working on this part, it’s important to be as trustworthy as possible.

  • Do you plan to add new features? - we most certainly do! We have great plans for our service. Follow the news to keep your finger on the pulse.

  • You claim yourself non-commercial, non-profit-oriented - how did you come up with it and why are there paid options? - there is too much “commerce” in this world right now. Most popular services in the world are oriented to get maximum profit from everything even if it can harm its users. We do literally hate to see it. Measureland is designed as a counterweight to this. Nevertheless, we would like an opportunity to hire designers and developers, get faster servers and so on. That’s why we launched Measureland at the Open Collective - everyone can check what we spend money on and help us with our mission.

  • How can I help? - there are numerous ways to do it, here are some important ones ([email protected] - don’t hesitate to ask us about or clarify anything via email):

Last changes: April 2, 2022