Measureland Advisory. How to remove limitations.

Why there are limits and how to deal with it.

Have you encountered “Too many attempts” or “You rate too often” errors? Here we explain why and what to do.

Summary (tldr):

To protect Measuremen from spam and abuse, we manually review cases where someone needs more than 3-5 ratings per week. If you're this «someone», contact us, we'll resolve it.

Spamming buttons, reloading the page too often or doing other server related actions a lot in a short period of time will lead to Measureland not being available for you for some time (usually 20 min).


There are two different errors.

  • “Too many attempts” stands for making a lot of requests (more than expected) to our server. If you spam like/dislike comments or reload the page 50 times within 10 minutes this error will pop up. It protects our server from different types of attacks. The system is not ideal though, so if you think you behaved normally and encountered this error, please, drop us a short message, we will fix it and improve our system, so you won’t face it again.
  • “You rate too often” is a bit more complex. We expect some people to try to abuse Measureland for personal profits. For example realtors who’d like to show how “great” some area is could easily rate 100 places with fives, spoiling the truth. That’s why we can’t let anyone without verification have an unlimited number of our ratings. Limitations are needed in order to be better. All Measuremen are going to get 3-5 new ratings every week (currently works only if 0 remaining).

What to do.

  • “Too many attempts”. This error doesn’t depend on whether you passed verification or not. If you send more requests than we’re expecting in the certain time range, service will stop working for you. A twenty-minute break should fix it. Or you can contact us - we’ll see what we can do.
  • “You rate too often” issue could be resolved by sending us a message via email, Telegram or in Discord and telling us how many ratings you need. Once we see and review it, we’ll be more than happy to increase your number of available ratings, so you can share your experience with Measuremen.
Last changes: April 2, 2022