Minsk. Short-term rental guide.


  • Minsk is the capital and largest city of Belarus.
  • There are two subway lines.
  • It is usually safe to walk alone both at day and at night.
  • Not a lot of people would be able to help you if you get lost because only the younger generation speaks English, not free, though.
  • Going through Minsk will take about:
    • Less than an hour by car (up to 1.5h with traffic jams)
    • 1 - 2 hours by public transport
    • 40 min on the subway
    • 20 min by train
    • And about 2 hours riding a bike
Compare size of Minsk, London and New York on map.
Compare size of Minsk, London and New York.
Summary (tldr):

Taxis are cheap; living in the center is expensive; the subway is one of the fastest ways to go anywhere. Choose a place near your destination.

Short term.

If you have some specific goals, it would be better to find a stay somewhere near your place of interest. Walking is a nice way to go around the town.

However, if your destinations are distributed across Minsk or uncertain, choose the area in the center or near the subway station (if you plan to use it). Taxi services are cheap in relation to European countries, but if you’re going somewhere in the peak hour, the subway can cut the time in half.

Price does strongly depend on the location. Staying in the old town is much more expensive than at the average place.

Check our recommended areas to start the search with

Long term.

We’re assuming that not a lot of English-speaking people are going to stay in Minsk long-term. If you are, sorry, let us know, we’ll fill it in. For now, try to check the Russian version and translate it yourself.

Last changes: May 9, 2021