How to write and submit a guide in Measureland.

How to write.

There are a few key points while writing your own guide to remember.

We support only two languages for now: English and Russian - so we ask to write the guide using one of them. Ideally, we would like to see 2 copies, one in English and one in the local language. The English version would be available right after the moderation and deployment, and the local one will be stored and deployed later.

We want the guide to be well-structured, please, make sure it’s divided into logical instances, such as:

  • General description of a city
  • Short term rentals
  • Long term rentals
  • Buying a property
  • Summary
  • Other points to consider

We’re not asking to fill every category. A few of them would be great, even a single would do for starters.

Don’t hesitate to be fun, alive - express yourself. Check other guides. We are going to place your article under your name/email (unless, you don’t want to), Measuremen gonna love it!

How to submit.

There are basically four main ways:

  • Send us an email with a pdf or doc or link to an online service. Please, don't copy-paste a plain text, it could be ruined.
  • Open a new issue in GitHub. You’ll need to have an account there.
  • Familiar with HTML or Markdown? Our guide structure is super easy to understand, you’ll see. Contribute!
  • Social networks: share your writing in Discord or Telegram


We are going to introduce a reward system later. Measuremen who found your article useful would be able to send their rewards to you, we also won’t forget about your contribution!

Last changes: March 28, 2022