Measureland 2.0 release notes.

We are so excited to show you all the features we’ve been working on for the last months!

Summary (tldr):

New design, a lot of features. The coolest is Point of Interest (POI) - it's for places, which are important to live next to. Started a city-guide contest - money guaranteed for the first participants.

UX/UI Design

Screenshot of the main screen.
Brand new looks.

Almost every single feature/button/screen was redesigned! We picked glassmorphism as a main theme for Measureland. Map itself looks the same, but we’re working on customisation and shall add it in the future updates.


We moved our web app to Svelte. Here’s an article explaining the reasons behind it through an alternative, so you don’t need to be a technical person to understand why. In short: it’s cool and community driven.


There are a lot of rating-related changes:

  • Adding a year of relevance - could be changed in “my actions”, assigned 2020 by default.
  • “See what’s nearby” button was added to the rating’s modal window.
  • “Measurements and stats” tab was added to the rating’s modal window. It’s in “testing” mode and is waiting for your feedback!
  • Possibility to check a single rating (if there is a group) and endorse or report it.
  • Possibility to remove rating (from “my actions”, top right corner - visible only on the main page)
Screenshot of the Netherlands' tab for stats.
Measurements and stats

Points of Interest (POIs)

Another type of marks on the map and… well, yeah… our killer feature :) These are for the objects that are important when you live near them. Objects that can influence your lifestyle. It can be something negative, like a tobacco factory on the screenshot below, something positive, like a nice park with a lake, or neutral (undefined) - a big convenience store is nice to have nearby in terms of groceries, but not that nice when it comes to the air, noise and parking spaces.

Screenshot of the tobacco factory's POI.
Example of negative Point of Interest

“See what’s nearby”

Window, connecting ratings and POIs. It also shows some stats from “around” and generates “wisdom’s of the crowd” badges depending on it. Proximity radius is changeable, 10 km option will only display average rating.

Screenshot of a popup, displaying a few ratings and POIs.
Example of nearby modal with POIs, stats and badges

New sidebar features

  • Send feedback - built in modal for submitting bugs, errors or suggestions (logged-in users only).
  • Display POIs - toggling to “OFF” will remove POIs from the map.
  • Send Anonymous reports - sending anonymous data. See how it's anonymized. Turn OFF to not send anything.
  • I need more ratings - button to press when you’ve spent all your current actions.
Screenshot of sidebar.
Sidebar changes

Content translation

Translate to English comments and POI’s title and description if it’s not recognized as English. Recognition: Franc, translation: DeepL.

Community related

  • A very special page for the members of our community. Page, where one can find all needed information to involve oneself and influence a priority of our current tasks. Read why we need it.
  • Launch on Open Collective. We picked it for transparency.

City guide contest

Prize pool and guaranteed 10$ for the first 50 participants. Learn more.


That makes it for Measureland 2.0. Try it on and let us know what you think!

Last changes: May 8, 2022